Have I left it too late?



I graduated in 2014 and have since been working as a Digital Marketing Executive for a small to medium sized enterprise. Although not my preferred choice, I’ve learnt a lot during my time here.

The goal for me however, has always been to work in a technology role for some of the larger organisations (PwC, IBM etc ) and I have applied to a few graduate positions. (I recently had an AC with PwC, however I didn’t get in :frowning: ). What I want to know is have i left it too late?.. does the fact that i graduated two years ago work against me when my application is being reviewed?.. What time frame do you have between graduating and a landing a graduate job with some of the bigger companies?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.



Hi Mohamed

I think your two years of experience at other companies will be an advantage rather than an obstacle. As far as I know, the Big 4 don’t consider those with some work experience any less eligible than those who are fresh out of university - if anything, you will have a better chance to demonstrate key competencies using anecdotes from your work to date. If a technology role with one of these firms is your dream job, don’t give up on it. Keep applying!