Have i left it too late to apply?

Major Players

I’ve been concentrating on numerouse courseworks and group projects at uni as they are all in the first term so wanted to without the stress of applying and preparing for jobs aswell.

Have i left it too late now to apply for the major players in the market, i was wanting Manchester or Leeds office in audit or tax so not too specialised, just wondering if it was worth it now??


Wouldn’t hurt to apply, if you put in a good application you may end up in good stead for applying for 2010 if anything!


Probably too late for 09 starts, but youre ok for April 2010 starts with PwC and I think Deloitte…


I got my 2008 job in July. A couple of people got theirs 2 weeks before we started!

If they like your app and you’re flexible about the department, you’ll be fine. Very few of my intake had their jobs before feb.


They have fewer vacancies now for 2009 than they did in July 2008 for 2008. The general employment situation in the UK (financial services sector in particular) has led to more people to apply for accountancy.

However, I would still look at the websites of companies you are interested in, and see if they have vacancies. If that fails, email/call them.


can’t tell if its been mentioned before, but apply to smaller companies as opposed to the big 4. I’m positive they’ll have places available. i keep getting ads for some random firms, so there are options.


i’ve actually got an assessment day and partner interview for a small firm tomorrow… just not applied to many other places or the big ones like i wanted to.


well in this current environment any job is good enough. i’m not sure how viable switching from small firms to the big 4 are, but that is something to think about in the near future perhaps? good luck with the AC!


we had a representative from uni in who said that because the firm specialised in a certain industry and she was in a senior position, she had been headhunted by the big 4 and offered a position many times, she just liked the culture of a small firm so turned them down… so there may be chance to move in the future if you want, you’d just have to like your job i guess.


It’s worth applying anyway; if the vacancies are filled, continue to check the website for late advertising. Similarly I concentrated on my uni course during my final year. I only applied to Deloitte in September last year and began working for them in October! Although this is rare, I do know a few others who also applied late. It can happen!