Have any wikijobbers secured jobs yet either FT or Intern?


I was wondering if anybody out there who uses/used Wikijob for their preperation has actually been offered a job at any level in IB&FS… Analyst/Associate and both Full Time and Summer Intern?


Received multiple full time offers; however, didn’t exclusively just use Wikijob (but Wikijob made a significant contribution)… Hope you are on the same boat.


Great news Aj…what region are you in and what area of focus were you targeting? Are you prepared to say which firms offered you a role?

I am having mixed success…some couldn’t even be bothered to reject me, some rejected me, some rejected me at various stages and I am still in the process with a number.


@Aj - great man. congrats. which Uni are you from and do you have all the offers from FO.


I am not sure whether I should be disclosing this… I know few others here who have received offers already but they have not replied to this thread; hmmmm… My offers so far are:

2 - Asset/Investment Management (both top ten); 1 - IBD - FO (not BB) ; 1 - FO+MO rotaional (not BB either) and 3 - out of 4 big4s… I also had a direct hedge fund Sales interview with ML-BofA (not graduate) and another direct interview with one of the top 5 UK hedge funds. I have signed the contract for the rotational programme as they offered a very good salary with chance to study for ACA or CFA. Still waiting to hear regarding the hedge fund as the starting salary is crazy with opportunity to earn big bonuses! However, I think my chances are limited because other candidtaes I was interviewed alongside had extensive experience.

My university is one of the lowest ranked in the country; my understanding is that they are not even in the ranking. I am just very very lucky; I have few good contacts in the City and UK-Parliament; and that is the only reason I was interviwed by the hedge funds!

I wish the best of luck to rest of you who are hoping to secure something this year. Also try to network as hard as you can; it can take you a long way. City is all about contacts.


Thank you Aj for sharing…The reason I started this thread was to see if anybody is being successful out there. All the IB threads have people plugging away through the various stages but I hadn’t seen much success so I wanted to test the water.

To any others afraid to share…spread the good news…don’t share region or company if you don’t feel comfortable. We have all learned from Wikijob and used our learnings during the stages of our applications so lets continue to share our experiences even after you have received/accepted an offer.