Have an offer, what if I dont get 2:1


Hey all,
So, I have an offer, I’ve signed the contract, I’ve done all sorts of preliminary checks, but a couple of my exams didnt go so well so now I’m scared I might not get a 2:1 and instead graduate with a 2:2. Will that be a problem, given that I already have a contract? Has anyone been in a similar situation?



Yes, that could be a serious problem. Your contract is still pending on you getting the degree classification you specified you would achieve. If you have extenuating circumstances then it is best to contact the company before the results come out if you’re seriously worried. I know of people who have had their offers rescinded after failing to get a 2:2. If they really liked you and you pleaded your case well, maybe they’d keep you? I’m not sure. I’m sure there are stories of people getting in with a 2:2, I just haven’t heard them.