HAT Telephone Interview for AAT Trainee



I have my telephone interview with the HAT Group next week. I’m applying for an AAT Trainee position, what sort of questions can I expect?



Hi amiee_n,

did you have your interview, how did it go… i have a tel interview with HAT and was wondering if you would be kind enough to post the sort of questions they ask…

I’ve been told it will last no more than 20mins but that seems an incredibly long period of time… do you recall how long your interview was.

any help much appreciated.



Yes I had my interview and was successful…just waiting for a date to go back for a face to face at the centre.
My interview was about 10-15mins. Unlike others that I had had it was not competency based. The person who called from HR was really friendly. All that that happened was we went through my application and talked about why I chose accountancy.
Afterwards she’ll ask if you had any questions, make sure you have at least two good questions. She even offered me some advice!
I knew before I hung up whether I’d been successful because she told me straight away.

Like I said though, this was for an AAT position, so a graduate entry level for the ACCA may be slightly different.

I hope this helps a little. Good Luck with your interview!


Hi amiee_n,

Thanks for the information above.

Assuming you have had your interview, I just wanted to know what sort of questions they asked for the face to face interview as I have mine coming up soon.

Also, do you recall the sort of questions you asked them as I am rubbish when it comes to thinking of questions to ask them!

Any help would be much appreciated.

Good luck to you.




Any help much appreciated.



Hi ukebuyer,

My face to face interview is at the HAT office is tomorrow, so unfortunately I can’t help you with what to expect…I’m just hoping that my preparation is going to be relevant enough for tomorrow.

How did your tel interview go? Have you had the face to face interview yours yet? :slight_smile:


Hi sorry only saw this now.

i had face to face interview - was straight forward enough - just asked what hat does, why accountancy, and the usual competencies (teamwork, obstacle, time managment/pressure) what you know about AAT and structure and exams, whether you know of any firms represented by HAT, why A levels etc.

I am a graduate - so didnt get through in the end - having done law!


Hey guys. I’ve got my telephone interview this coming tuesday! Freaking out slightly as it’s been awhile since I’ve had one. What kind of questions did they ask? I applied for the AAT qualification but studied Accounting and Finance at university (obtained a 2:2). Obviously the questions will be taliored to my situation ie why AAT and not ACA - but what kind of questions did they ask generally? Have you guys been recommended to any firms? Any success?