Has anyone heard of Benedix? What do you think?


Is it a recruitment agency? Someone called me a few days ago and asked me to go to a workshop. I’m not really sure about it, or if it’s worth it. It seems expensive. Has anyone used Benedix in the past or have any experience of using them. If you have any useful help please let me know. Thank you.


Here’s a forum discussion on thestudentroom that might shed some light on Benedix. It appears it is not a recruitment agency but simply a workshop.


Actually, not anymore. They’ve realised that workshops is really not the most efficient way to do it.
I was their student for the last 2 months.
It’s all online now! Basically, it’s hours of training, that you can access whenever you want, how many times you want. It’s all nicely divided into sections.
On top of that you get phone consultations.
Sometimes, they actually also add bonuses like live events which you actually attend and have a chance to meet some of the GREAT people of the industry.
People Like Mike Harris (Founding CEO of First Direct Bank, Egg bank, Garlik and more (cannot remember the rest, these are the most spectacular ones :slight_smile: ), Lex Van Dam (the guy that had his program on BBC2 Millionare Traders and many more!
They are very well connected within the city and do actually get students to be inspired by those BIG people.

Actually, i have to say that the last 2 months of my life were the best 2 months of my life. It’s really difficult to describe… they completely change the way you think, they really want you to achieve much more than just ‘get that job’. We are living in strange times… Things are changing so fast. And they are basically there to help you adjust to these changes.

I did see opinions like ‘oh, that’s bullsh_t, others companies will do it all for you for just slightly more money’. Well, it all depends what you want from life really. Because Benedix will not only inspire you have to write a good CV (actually, not a CV, they call it an ED - Evidence Document) , they will completely change the way you think.

And that’s the only way you can achieve great things in life and fulfill your dreams. They teach you how to be different from everybody else. And I don’t mean ‘strange’ sort of difference. I mean that you will actually be able to stand out from the crowd, to show off the employees that you are exactly what they want, that you are the key person of influence! :wink:

Good luck everyone!

BTW, if anyone asked me if I did find Benedix worth the money, I’d definitely say yes. In fact, I think it’s worth much more than what they charge and in fact, they used to charge much more, it’s all thanks to modern technology now really. I do love to invest money in myself, and this is probably the best investment I’ve made so far. But it’s sad to see those Muppets all over the internet whining that they’re crap, just because they were expecting Benedix to literally find them a job…


Wow secent, it seems like you’ve gotten a lot of benefits from this programme. I’m trying to get a sense of the bigger picture before investing my money, so what would you say are the weaknesses of the course?


weaknesses… hmmm… it depends what you expect. Initially, I was like many other here. I was really expecting that they will more or less do stuff for me. Like you know, if I say ‘that didn’t work out’ they would simply call up a few banks and find me a job.
Don’t expect that.
They won’t do anything for you, as I said earlier. They will give you the rod so that you can do it yourself. And the best part really is that they don’t just leave you and don’t give a sh_t about you after you give them your money. They care about you and you will feel that.

Other than that… hmmm… You have to be committed and do exactly as they say. Otherwise it’s not going to work. And you have to believe in yourself as well, step outside of your comfort zone etc! :slight_smile: That was the hard part for me as confidence really wasn’t my strength. But they’ve helped me sort that out as well.


I think Secent is a little bit deluded.

Just look at his posts he wrote to Simon Dixon on Facebook…

…"Simon Dixon, you are an individual that makes the world a better place

Thank you and your team mate!!!"

and…"how can we thank you for being yourself, and how can we thank you for a chance to be around you?


You do realise that he only wants your money. Wake up!!!

I agree with everything said on this forum about Benedix! Am glad they are going to get what they deserve!


Sorry, but you’re not being truthful. I haven’t written anything on Simon’s wall recently.
And although I more or less agree with what’s written, I’d prefer you not trying to discredit me by making false quotes.

Why do you think he only wants money? Do you think that’s how he makes money in the first place?

I can assure you that Benedix is a small percentage. SO now, think about why he does and and why he tries so hard to make it as accessible as popular…

Any ideas?

Perhaps words like MISSION?


You need to wake up…

I do not believe (and neither do the vast majority) that Simon makes his money from anything really other than Benedix…

There are some interesting views on Simon and his career on the Student Rooms forum (which by the way labels Benedix as a scam!)


LOL. Benedix are clearly paying people to write up positive reviews about them. The only positive reviews i’ve ever seen are coming from people with 1 post, and from people who register on the day that the thread was made. coughsecentcough


Do you know that Simon also has private equity company? Do you know he’s funding his own bank?

Clearly you don’t…

If money is the most important things in his life, why does he pay thousands of pounds to charities like Peace One Day?

Why does he work so hard on his mission to promote Monetary Reform? Even though it makes people criticise him even more…

Any thoughts on that?


All I am going to say is Brainwashed.


Hi All,

It is Simon Dixon, the founder of Benedix here.

(The one everybody is talking about on this page)

Everybody has the right to their opinion about me, but my intention is to help as many people who want the help to achieve big things in Banking & Finance.

Banking needs massive reform and I think the right students can make a real difference.

My bigger mission is to reform banking, which I have been doing for years now (Just check out my blog if you want to know (www.simondixon.org) or read my book available on Amazon)

I have owned Benedix for five years now and will continue to do it because it gives me so much pleasure.

If everybody really wants to know, as people are talking about it, Benedix is actually not a very lucrative business compared to my other ventures which anybody can find out about if they search further than student forums.

Nobody that is speaking kind of me works for Benedix or has been paid to say anything, they are just getting results from what they have invested in.

I have students that have graduated from the Benedix program in pretty much every bank and financial institution worldwide and I believe that mindset is everything.

Some don’t like it when I tell them they can achieve big things, because I make them get rid of any excuses and do big things.

I am not here to win your popularity, just tell you the facts about what it takes to succeed and make it further than an ‘ordinary jobs’ in banking and finance.

As I have trained thousands and reach hundreds of thousands, obviously I am going to encounter negative bloggers.

But I value my connections more than anything (And so should you) and have the ability to connect with anybody in banking and finance because of the businesses I am involved in and how I treat those who know me.

I am involved in a start up Person to person lending bank and own businesses with very successful founders of banks and financial institutions like Mike Harris, Peter Hargreaves and many other investments.

Our company and courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute For Securities and Investments (CISI) and they would not accredit a scam!

Guess what - We charge for training at Benedix.


Because we have found that people that want everything for free are time wasters and never get results.

People that pay for their training, value it and get results because they are committed.

That is why less people will do degrees, now they have to pay.

If you are uncommercial enough to be offended by charging for training, don’t go into banking and finance, you wont last a second.

And the other reason we charge is because we have staff to pay who are also equally passionate about making a difference in students lives and banking, as we do everyday from the emails we get everyday.

Running training costs money. If it was free bills cannot be paid. It is called Economics.

We also charge because Benedix is a business, not a charity. I contribute a lot to charity and so does Benedix.

Thats my piece.

Do my training or not, it makes no difference to me.

It is your life.

I love working with inspiring people that want to make a real difference in the world.

I do not hide, I am very easy to contact and I am very clear and transparent in all I do.

I have achieved a lot in banking and finance and know exactly how you can too.

If you want free results, keep doing what you are doing.

If you want to know what the founders and CEO’s of banks do different from normal employees or those struggling right now, we charge for it, and I know the answers because I spend everyday with them.

I wish you all the best in your careers.

I know that I love everyday of what I do and I want that for all.

Life is too short to bitch and moan.

Simon Dixon

P.S. Contact me on Facebook if you have a problem with me. My PA will pass all my emails on because I care.

P.P.S. I am awful at spelling, it is a common trait in entrepreneurs, so any smart arse that wants to point out all my grammatical mistakes, I know, but I cant be bothered to get this checked by somebody who can spell!


This is an update on Simon Dixon and Benedix and all his other businesses. Lets deal with the real facts -

1 None of Simon’s businesses have ever made money - a small living perhaps
2. Simon was never a Merchant Banker. He was a trainee broker at Peels and then a trainee corp financier for 3 months - that a MB does not make.
3. Benedix has closed - scam seems to be the word most used about it. It never did more than a few thousand pounds worth of business in its life - hardly as described by Simon here. Made consistent losses and was filed for disolution mid 2012.
4. His ‘‘bank’’ is an idea but he seems clueless about how to get it off the ground.

All in all he is lot noise and zero substance. Btw spelling problems or dyslexia is no more common with entrepreneurs than dustbin men or doctors.