Has anyone finsihed the RBS logical reasoning test


My friend told me that it was a little hard, and it is different from the last year.

any idea ?


it’s just different than other logical reasoning tests. you’ll be asked to find the missing piece in a 3x3 matrix out of 14 options. i think it’s not too bad. also, the test is adaptive so try to nail the first few questions as your score will possibly be higher that way as opposed to making mistakes in the beginning and getting the last ones right.

good luck.


i did so bad in the logical and the numerical !

I was rejected !!

But I think it is not fair just according to the online test to judge the candidate !!!


Hey, I just gave the Logical Reasoning test and I know I did it very bad, as the last few questions were kind of easy ! :frowning:

Did you get the numerical test just after the logical one!!?, Should I assume that if I haven’t got the numerical one I have failed the logical?


I have received the numerical test the next day after the logcial test…

and the third day, the rejected letter ! _ _

"After giving careful consideration both to your CV and to your performance in our online assessment, we regret to inform you that we will not be proceeding with your application. "


it gets harder if you get the first few right. i think i got the last few wrong cuz they made less and less sense.


I took this test on the 12th, and received an email on the 14th saying that I had met the requirements and will be considered for a face-to-face assessment… I’ve applied to IBD, and the email stated that not everyone who passed the test will get an interview, so I’m currently waiting to hear back from them - I found the logical test quite challenging, more so than any SHL tests, but passed, and was not required to sit a numerical test (which seems a bit odd, but there you go!)



Same for me. No numerical test but it seems that I am on hold. Did u get any answer from them (ibd12)?


I just did the tests, do you know much much as the passing scores? Anyone who passed these tests before? Thanks


I just did the logical reasoning, the first q was easy, but the difficulty level went up so steeply afterwards, and then I think I answered a couple wrongly, so an easy one came up… then it became extremely difficult again. I just thought there was no way for me to find out the answers to most of the questions. In conclusion, I think I only nailed down 2 easy ones. Sigh… : (


cguan1988: did you pass in the end?! I’ve got one coming up!


passed the logical and also the math one. it’s weird - you need to find the answer through a huge list of possible answers. got a phone interview after that.


Don’t think it went well… especially since you all mentioned that its adaptive!

Was really hard at the beginning…then got nice and easy in the middle… then hard at the end. Obviously I failed at the beginning so they helped me out a bit… argh.


@nick as long as it got difficult in the end, you should be ok? same thing happened to me, got way easy and then progressively harder again


Yeah I guess it means I got SOME right, and considering how much easier the SHL/etc tests are that most banks use, surely the passmark can’t be that high?

Anyone know about when I should be invited for a numerical?


Will the responses be recorded only if I press the “Submit response” button.??? Can anyone help on this issue???


Yeah I want to know that too! If it doesn’t record them I have failed for sure


I’m about to do the logical reasoning test - can you tell me what kind of questions are on it? I have no idea what to expect! Thanks


I need to do the logical reasoning test in the next few days - can you tell me what kind of questions to expect because I have no idea… thanks!


hi I got an invitation of logical reasoning test and do you have any idea that in how many days should I be requiring to give the test.Also how was the test?Have you got an invite for numerical test or is it an interview directly?