Has anyone failed at a big four assessment day (and, if so, why?)


I have failed PWC assessment day mainly for a lack of commercial awareness for an audit role. I now have a Deloitte assessment day coming up and I really want this job. I just wondered what sort of things people have failed for? Thanks. Also, i am happy to help anyone with getting to big four assessment days, etc.


I haven’t failed but I read some people’s failure stories, and the main reason seemed to be the e-tray exercise (not finishing or passing due to failing to choose the most effective actions). I’d think the commercial awareness/email exercise defending part of Partner Interview can also have a strong impact on the outcome of the assessment day.


There is no doubt that a decent portion of candidates that are invited to attend an AC fail. Thats why firms organise them in the first place. Online tests are not that hard to be honest.

It might sound scary but its not. If you did not manage to give the impression that you know what audit is,why is important and how/why it can add value(and connect them to the real world), then you should just see it as feedback that you need to do some additional research for this profession. I would be more worried (if it were me) if i had signed a contract and started working towards a tough qualification without actually knowing what i will be doing every day.

The good and bad thing is that all accounting firms give opportunities to people that have not studied economics/finance/accounting etc. The competition is high but if you have a genuine interest, it should be obvious and you should know whats going on in the profession and its environment.

I would suggest to start reading the most well known websites on a frequent basis so that you can talk about finance/accounting etc but above all develop an interest for that. Fake is obvious for people that have interviewed 100s before you (or me).

Best of luck:)