has anyone attended Duncan &Toplis's Interview?


Please tell me something about the interview questions!


Hi Yuping,

I haven’t got any info on this firm myself. I suggest you look at our information on current industry issues (especially http://www.wikijob.co.uk/wiki/credit-crunch-effect-audit) and look at the WikiJob interview profiles for other accountancy firms. Your interview at D&T will certainly include similar questions to those asked at other firms.

Of course, we would appreciate any information you may gather about the interview process at Duncan & Toplis, if you decide to provide it!

Good luck!


Hi, thank you very much for your information! I just passed the first interview and got a partner interview offer on Thursday.

Of course I can share my experience on the first Interview. Basically, 1, go thru my CV and asked questions about my last job,
why do I leave my last job? why D&T? what software I have been use? Why did I choose my Master degree course? What can I contribute to D&T? what do I know about ACCA? What is the structure of my last organisation. and how do i work within a team? What do I see myself in 5 years time?

2, have a numaracy test and a behaviour questionnaire. The numaracy test was not very easy as I thought. I did not finish it.

I think this forum is really helpful and I prepared most of the questions they asked me. Thanks a lot. Just hope I can get thru the second one.



Keep us posted! Good luck!