Has anybody got a first round interview with JPMorgan?


I have got a first round interview with JP on the 20th of October. It is supposed to be competency based but was wondering whether they ask technical questions…


usually not. what division are you applying for?


Investment Banking, winter internship


oh, i wouldn’t expect any technical questions, but i know some might ask brain teasers. would be good to brush up on any technical terms if you were familiar with them.


[[brain teaser questions]] and [[commercial awareness]] questions… read up on the current economic stuff!


Thanks guys)


Hi guys, i have a first interview with JPMorgan and i have applied in Technology division … does any one know what questions are expected to be asked ? Many Thanks



I have a 1st round interview with JPMorgan within the Ops dept. Was wondering how much is based on technical know-how and commercial awareness, based on anyone’s assessment day experience?

Many thanks


@JGwl when is your AC?? I’ve applied to JPM and have an AC coming up but they have yet to confirm it which is really annoying, might have to ring up HR again. Two of my classmates had the JP AC in Dec and they really enjoyed it not for Ops for IBD tho - you should be fine.

With regard to commerical awareness, i would assume you need to know a considerable amount, is this for a grad position or intern??


hy i just got an invitation for the 1st round too, trading div. intern, does anyone have some information how it is. what kind of questions? thanks