Has anybody done KPMG AC in 2009?


I am preparing for KPMG AC for 2010 entry, now i am a bit worried about etray because the practice sources are too limited.

I am wondering if anyone has done this recently, is the written part is still about the ecommerce company and KPMG’s marketing budget, as in ‘wikijob kpmg interview question’ page? i have read loads of advices about etray and found them really useful, but still want to gain some background info.

Thanks everyone for your help. i would definitely share my whole experience afterwards.


Hi, I did the AC in October… and to be honest I can’t even remember most of the e-tray! Its really not as bad as you might imagine. This was the first E-Tray I had done (having not bothered with the practice ones) but then I work part time in an office where I get constantly bombarded with emails requesting immediate action! The only true advice I would give is to be quick, but steady (so as not to miss vital information such as a rota clash) in the first part. In the second part (where you draft 2 longer responses) be sure to address the person you are writing to in a professional manner and keep to the point! My 2 longer emails were no longer than this message to you… and I got the job so I dont think it’s the length they were looking for! in the first part i actually missed the last email aswell, so if you do run out of time, don’t let it put you off for the afternoon!

This may sound pretty hard considering the pressure you will no doubt be feeling, but the best advice for whole day is just to CHILL OUT :slight_smile:

The info you will have read already on the other threads is pretty spot on really so i don’t really think I can add much really.

Where are you applying to? (location and service line?)


Yes I will definately accept it! It was my first AC aswell. I think I just said what I would do then gave several reasons why. Structure-wise, as long as it answers the question and flows/is readable then I doubt there would be a problem! My emailing style is pretty standard really! If I remember correctly the bullet shortcut didn’t work, so I didnt use them.

Im going to be in the Manchester office…but I didnt get the names from my AC, so I don’t even know if any other’s from the group got through! I hope so though as I liked them :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I’m sure you’ll be fine for the AC!


New applications for the Audit 2010 intake in London have CLOSED.


Crackberry, thank you, i feel so much relieved!!! wish u enjoy ur new journey at KPMG!
the09, yea i just checked the website, it’s unbelievable! the places are about to be filled up.


Hi Crackberry,

I also had an assessment centre in Manchester at KPMG on 23rd October, and my Partner Interview last night for Audit. How long did it take for them to get back to you with the job offer? Slightly nervous I may not have it now as I get the impression they usually contact the day after if you are successful :frowning:

Congrats on the job offer however and I hope I join you next year :slight_smile:


I got the call the next day, but at dinner-time-ish! i actually missed the call and they left me a voicemail so make sure your vm function is active in the evnt that you lose signal or something! I have my fingers crossed for you!! It might take them longer where the AC and partner interview are different days, because I got told that they all feed back to each other and give you marks out of 5 for each competency. If your AC and interview were seperate, there is less chance that they could discuss it on the actual night of the AC if that makes sense!

Hope you get it anyway would be nice to know another Manc 2010 starter! :slight_smile:


Yeah same! Hopefully the fact I haven’t got a call today meant my partner hasn’t contacted them yet. Just the waiting game til Monday over the weekend now! Yeah maybe it is. He said that what he now had to do, which was to feedback to the HR team.

I felt my Group performance went OK, as did my Partner Interview, however I was unsure about my E Tray partially because I only did 23/24 e-mails and was a bit short for time on the second response. Hopefully I’ve done enough to get 3 or above on the competencies.

Here’s hoping for Monday or on the off chance tomorrow! :slight_smile:


I didnt answer all of the emails either so I wouldnt worry about that too much and I also felt rushed towards the end of the second part! I dont think HR work weekends, but you never know! best of luck anyway :slight_smile:


Yeah neither do I. Basically on E-Tray, I just justified with the information given in the written bit. Made sure the e-mails looked complete. Felt more confident with group exercise. Partner said he liked the presentation (asked only one Q as he couldnt find any fault! haha), and a general chat in the partner interview I tried to portray how I believe I could fit in the culture and so forth. Touch wood they are just making me wait! haha


Just heard back off them via E-mail. Offered a position :D:D:D


Woop Woop!! :slight_smile:


Hi Crackberry, Congrats on KPMG offer!

i am applying to Audit in London office, are you going to accept the offer?

KPMG is my first job application, first interview, let alone first AC. so i really wanto do it well and land the job.

as in the second part of etray, how did you structure your emails? i mean did you propose ur recommendations/suggestions in the first place then explain ur reasoning or in the reverse order? and did you use bullet points?


I structured mine generally by firstly, introducing the e-mail. Explaining how each recommendation has its flaws, but you think yours is better for the following reasons etc.

I personally used subheadings to explain. I also did a summary paragraph explaining its impacts. I also think a tip is to write the end of the e-mail first. Allows you to build up and if you run out of time, it still looks like two completed e-mails, increasing your task management score.


hey guys, anyone been to an assessment center recently? if so how much time do they usually take to get back to you concerning the outcome?

I just did mine last thursday, and got an email on Friday saying that theyre reviewing my application and will take a few days to get back to me. Any thoughts?


Hey arsal88, don’t get bogged down by the time-frame. After hearing stories that the partner might call you immediately to inform you that you’ve received an offer, I thought that would definitely happen to me. However, I got a call the next afternoon from the partner! So, just remember that they’re all human after all - all the best though!

Which division did you apply for, and in which office?



I was hoping you guys could help me out with what company/topic you did your presentations on. My AC is coming up soon and the more I think about it the more nervous I get. Usually, I can draw ideas out of thin air but im totally struggling with this, I was thinking around the lines of a football club, a topic i’d be comfortable with.