Has anybody done an E&Y interview?



I have my first interview with E&Y tomorrow for corporate tax. As far as I understand, it’s a competency based one, where i will be asked examples of skills such as teamworking, leadership and so on. Also questions about career motivation and why tax will be raised am sure.

I am just wondering whether there will be questions as to commercial awareness in the first interview.

Any help or advice on the first interview will be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot


I did an EY tax interview last week. I wasn’t asked any commercial awareness questions at all, nothing on recent business issues.


40%, i was told.
Not sure if wrong answers are marked down.
Not sure if 40% means right answers out of the whole questions, or as compared to a group of people.

The paper test I did had 32 questions for 30 mins (PSL, I think). I did not even get a chance to read the last 3 questions as they are very long (like passages in the verbal test). The test itself is getting harder and harder. I also left two unanswered questions as not sure how to do them.

The key challenge was sometimes you have to seek imformation from 2 or 3 graphs/tables in answering one question, quite different from the online tests or SHL practices.


i think the tests you have to take at Graduate Program selection process are more or less like GMAT tests. would recom. to go through GMAT Official Guide 11th edition. they have numerical and verbal sections. good luck


Hello everyone!

I posted a topic a few days ago, but i guess it got deleted during the forum change. No harm done though.

Wikijob is an excellent site. The forums are great and so are the people that offer advice that is priceless to newbies like me.

I applied for tax in EY.
I got invited to the assesment centre and after that to the first round interview ( i guess the procedure is a bit different than the one described in another sticky).
Before the first round interview i discovered wikijob and i can’t tell you how much this site helped me. With everything i read i felt confident because i knew how the interview is structured and what kind of answers you should provide ( including tha STAR and CAR technique - i prefer CAR :)). And the interview was more or less what wikijob said it was going to be. A lot of different questions, but the main one’s were the kind of questions that are described on wikijob as competency based questions. Halfway through the interview i relaxed completely as i saw the interview is going fine and that wikijob saved me a lot of nerves and improvising. Good preparation really is the key!

A day after the first round interview they set me up via phone for a partner interview. I’ve asked in the topic that got deleted what comercial awereness questions are likely for tax, especially: “what significant factors have affected the industry in recent years?”. 2 people replied, one of them was Redsuperted, the other one i don’t remember, sorry. I got a hint at the EY EU tax publication. Thanks to both for replying in such short time. You calmed me down :).

On the scheduled day i got interviewed by a partner and a manager together. They didn’t have a clue about what was being discussed in the first round interview. But they were very friendly and the interview was more of a chat about how EY is great , why i should work for them, what it’s like for the first few years, and why as a lawyer i didn’t apply to a law firm. They also asked why EY.
And a day later i got offered a job. And i’m accepting it:). I’m delighted:).

I wanted to share my experience as a thank you to the site an the comunity that helped me so much. I hope someone will find this useful.





Hope you’re all well and on the way to capture your ideal job. I have applied for Corporate tax, and have an assessment centre coming up in the next few days. Has anyone here been to a tax assessment centre? The tips provided for interviews are great; yet I was hoping someone could guide me through the assessment exercises i.e case study,client meeting, group exercise. If anyone could shed any light on the following, I would be truly grateful. Merci!


Did you have a look at [[Ernst & Young interview questions]]? No personal experience of E&Y assessment but others might be able to help!


congrats Mr G i think you would be the best person to help me plz will you /…
i have applied for graduate recruitment with Ey in corporate tax. i have through my first round and i have my assessment and final interview tommorrow … would some body please help regrading the report writing exercise . and what they will ask in group meeting and partners interview…

would some body help me please

thank you


Hi Guys,

I have enjoyed reading the great discussions so far. I am set to attend my first round interview in three days time. I applied for audit and assurance. Can someone please tell me how E&Y differs from the other big four firms? What sort of questions should I ask them too? I need some other tips. I need to pass this interview. Please help?

Thanks very much!


Hi Everyone,

I had an interview for Audit last wednesday and had all the typical questions mentioned on the site (why Ernst and Young? What do you think youll be doing for the first 3 years? An example of teamwork?) but also some more unusual questions like:

Do you think there should be more hours in the day?
Do you speak the same with your friends and when youre in work?

So maybe think about what youd say to those questions. There was alot more questions than my KPMG and PWC interviews and it was quite impersonal actually which i didnt really like. They were very fast at getting back to me, they phoned about 2 hours after the interview telling me i had passed and they would be in contact to arrange the assessment day.


I had my first round interview for tax yesterday. It lasted about 50 minutes and involved lots of quite quick questions.
Some of the questions i got asked were:
Why tax?
What have you done to follow up/learn about tax?
Should there be more hours in the day?
Tell me about your groups of friends?
Do you talk to different groups of friends differently?
Is there a company/brand you admire and if you could ask them some questions what would they be?#
Do you enjoy working in a team?
Have you ever wanted to quit something?
Have you ever put the needs of a team before your own?
Have you ever done something differently second time around?
Have you ever build a relationship with anyone?
Do you prefer starting or finishing?
When have you persuaded someone?
Do you prefer quick action or careful planning?
How do you know your strengths and weaknesses?
Why would you be better than other people?
How would a lecturer describe you?
Would a friend say you are organised?

There was no why e&y and no commercial awareness questions really. Similarly to Hagiz i thought it was quite impersonal and they got back to me after about 2 hours to let me know i was through to the assessment centre.
If you have any more questions do get in touch with me!



I will be attending the assessment centre in London next week. I’m from the States and really have no idea what to expect during this assessment day. Any advice? Should I be prepared to sit for a numerical test? Thank you!


Have you seen the E&Y interview profile? - [[Ernst & Young]] - this is helpful for finding out what to expect.


hey i have completed the written test for tax analyst.that was my 3rd round of interview i have two rounds left. what could be the qustions asked


Hi All,

This discussion has been very useful so far. I am just curious as to how many interviewers are there in the first round of interview at E&Y?



Sam: Just the one, and it’s quite relaxed. Just to add something more to the thread, I think the new format is 30 base questions and 18 more optional questions to fill up any remaining time. I’m afraid I don’t remember which questions were part of what section.


Thanks Mugicha,

30 questions in an hour? so that means approximately two minutes for each question. Hmmm interesting :smiley:


It’s actually an hour and a half.


when they ask for when you have persuaded anyone, is there any key words/stages they are looking for?

i mean i highlight the benefits of my proposal, listen to reservations they have, evaluate the options together? but not sure what else to put even if it was for a hypothetical anwser


hey, i just got news from E and Y that i am through to the assessment centre for TAX. So if anyone has gone through the assessment center before, please give us your pearls of wisdom or any advice on what to do e.t.c I would be very grateful.