Halifax Staff Admit Terrible Cash Errors on Facebook!



Following the previous post on ignorant Halifax staff posting about their incompetant work failures, further comments have been made in the Halifax PLC/ Bank of Scotland Group ( http://hs.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2268388737 )!

Mike B comments on the group messageboard that he overlooked “2000 pounds” but “found 1800 of it the next day…!” “I had to be questioned by the big bad hbos security guy i cant remember what his name was…colin something. it was awful! i cried that day”.

And we thought Halifax staff only cried when Howard started singing!

Incompetant Emma Burdon (from Newcastle, Mersey users beware!) follows previous comments by admitting “ive had a 2 grand one too (cash error - Ed) when someone ordered cash to go for currency at travel agents, i did the withdrawal but then mentioned we did currency too so they ordered off us. i reversed the transaction and ordered internally BUT never took the cash back off him!! he swore blind i had though the next day when i rang him. Bastard.”

With cash being distributed so freely but staff doofs, it’s no wonder the Bank’s bosses are levying penalties on us graduates!

Most worryingly, Kim Moore (a cashier from Halifax Bristol branch) has a colleague who “had a cash error that was something like ?423548785 over. Nobody could figure out why until she realised that instead of crediting the customer’s account with however much it was, she had actually put his roll number in instead of the amount!”

Althought Halifax staff may find these cash issues hilarious, I personally find it very very worrying! Openly discussing branch failures with customer finances is a serious issue. Wise investors are recommended to boycott their local Halifax branch. The singing cowboys we’re bad… but this the final straw!


Although cash is a manual process, so once in a while you’d expect errors, some errors are just plain stupid, largely because of the thickness of some members of staff.

Then again I suppose the motto is:

“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

It’s a shame that we have to pay up for staff cockups. It’s extremely expensive when you get done by the charges as well. I feel it roughly akin to getting a very nasty parking ticket or speeding fine (31 in a 30, that kind of thing).