Hi all,
I am currently in the proccess of application for the post of Store Manager Designate, Halfords :-As Store Manager you will need to have the leadership and vision to enable the store to deliver on its targets. With a strong understanding of the business, you will make sound business decisions, planning your strategy and resources to the maximum effect. Continually looking to develop the store, you will drive excellent customer service, the cornerstone of Halfords business. Recruiting, enabling and developing the store team, you will set stretching targets and manage performance to get the best from the team.
In five days I will be taking part in a competency interview over the phone via a recruitment agent.
Does anyone have previous experience of this scenario?
Can anyone suggest the best source of research for the questions I will be asked?



Have you seen the [[competency based interview]] pages on WikiJob? These should prove very useful to you!



I know it was a long time ago now, but can you remember any of the questions you were asked for your telephone interview?