had interview and quick q


hey guys…

i had a interview yesterday at ey for tax and had a few q if anyone knew how their/in general big4 interview assessment works. I found 2 q’s really difficult as they were unexpected so i hadnt prepared for them and ended up waffling about things random on one of them which cud i guess have been ok. Another q was something like “a time u solved a complex problem when the problem intitially seemed impossible”, the guy after my example said, thats more a situation of teamwork can u talk me through how u wud solve a complex problem. I felt i had mentioned a problem in a team situation but obv tht wasnt gd enough. Anyway i thought i handled his counter q quite well but was it too late by them, as iv heard u need a certain score on each competency? The rest went ok i thought, maybe not amazing though.

I have a offer from deloitte and their 1st round was so much more simplier but i just prefer ey as a whole and know alot of ppl who work there and regardless of the interview not going well i still got a gd impression from wht interviewer said etc.



I had an EY interview for tax today and got that question. I hadn’t prepared for it but I did have a good answer. The one I struggled on most was about what I was going to be doing in indirect tax that was different. To be fair, the interviewer did say before he asked that it was probably unfair to ask that so he wasn’t expecting me to know. I did find out what the answer was though, he talked for quite a while about it.

ETA: I passed!