had a interview two weeks a go but no reply...


okay here it goes… i had a interview 2 weeks ago with a partner at a independent firm…
the partner told me that the hr officer contact me
i emailed the the hr officer who i had contact with throughout the application process and interview process last week on tuesday. She didn’t reply.
I rang her on Thursday, she said she still hasn’t heard anything from the partner as his been away and she will contact me by Friday (the next day) at the latest.
i rang on Monday having not heard anything to find out that the hr officer i was in contact with had left on Friday, so another officer told me she will get back to me.
i rang her today and left a answer machine msg, i have already rang twice, and i do not have a direct number so i have to go through reception and think they are getting annoyed…

do i ring again…
contact the partner on his number - the firm is mid size with 20 partners 160 employees
what should i do ?!? help


sorry… finally emailed back this second


How did you do?


How did you do? which firm is it btw? :slight_smile: