Hi guys,

‘How important is taxation policy in the recovery of the UK economy and what tax policies do you think could be introduced to aid the recovery?’

I have to do a presentation on tuesday at BTG Tax and the questions of discussion are above…could you guys give me some tips if possible…


oh has anyone done the smith n williamson aptitude tests?


Some thoughts:

Yes, taxation policy is important in the recovery of UK economy.

If their major clients are small to medium business, you probably should focus on that .
)The increase of Annual Investment Allowance ( from 50,000- 100,000) that will encourage SME still invest but with less tax burden.
2) Corporation Tax rate reduction ?
3) Better use of Loss Relief?
4) Reintroduce of Industrial Building Allowance?
These are the ones that I could think of , hope that help.


I havent personally had an interview with Begbies, but I work in Tax so if would approach it with the following points;

Taxation (fiscal policies) is critical to the survival of the UK economy. To aid the economy and keep britain attractive to investment , taxation polices need to lenient and supportive of innovation.

This could consists of;
retain competitve corporate tax rates for large and SME businesses/ increase relief for companies in distress (e.g. abilty to defer tax to next financial year if a criteria is met)/ increasie off seting certain expenses off the taxable allowance to improve cash flows and repay burdoning debt.

Hope this helps


Thanks zoe and liyaah…

Liyaah if you wouldn’t mind elaborating abit more on the possible policies to aid the recovery…I could really do with your expertise in the tax field…

and zoe if you could elaborate on your points slightly…i.e the annual investment allowance???