GT Salary and Application Form


Hi, I’m just filling out the GT application form for a position in audit and assurance.

On the first page, there is a section aking about my current job, salary and expected salary for if I join GT. Does anybody have any advice on these questions? I’m a recent graduate, so unemployed most of the time (with irregular part time work occasionally). Also, would I be right in thinking GT started salary is in the range of 25-26.5K?

I’m tempted to just leave these questions blank…


Wow, another quick question needed.

I’m just filling in the wrok experience section. They give you a maximum of 2000 words, which seems ridiculous! All the other application forms have required 50-150 words per prior job. Would it be ok to just use a similarly brief description of the job and skills gained, or does the longer word allowance imply I’m required to give much more detail?


Ooops, problem solved, it’s 2000 characters, not 2000 words. Sorry.


When i applied for Grant Thornton, In the Salary box, i just put ‘competitive’