GT or EY?


I was just wondering what some people thought was the better company to work for. I have a preference for GT but would just like to hear some other comments!


The one you feel most comfortable with after the interviews


They’re two different companies so you’ll probably have quite a different experience depending on which one you choose. EY would be focused on higher level clients and so you would get more experience with larger firms but with GT you’ll get more variety and experience with smaller firms and start ups which may be more interesting depending on your outlook.

Some people prefer the Big 4 because it looks better on their CV but to be honest I quite liked the idea of working for a Big 4 or a mid-tier as they both had their own advantages. But as GradJobHunter says, go for the one you feel most comfortable with.


Thanks for the comment Bradlever I def feel more comfortable with GT I think my experience gained there will be much better. Cheers!!!