GSK telephone interview


HI, they got back to you quite quickly… I had my assesment centre around the same time as you and they still havent got back to me… Phoned up about 3 times and they said they were still reviewing the day…

Should I just assume its a rejection??

Congrats btw!


Has anybody had a telephone interview for the Health Outcomes Graduate Programme this year or have any ideas about the questions asked? Would really appreciate any help. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I am going to have a phone interview for the chem eng graduate scheme next week, and I am really nervous. How would you suggest I prepare for the technical aspects? I haven’t done Chem Eng in a year now as I did my MSc in another subject.
Thank you!!


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Hi, I have a similar assessment day coming up for microbiology. Any tips? especially for the presentation