GSK Future Leaders Programme Info 2017



I’m really interested in the GlaxoSmithKline Future Leaders Programme, so thought I’d do a little research and write it up here. Let’s gather some thoughts and example questions together.

First up, you pick you career path. This can be anything from HR to Manufacturing to R&D to Finance, and of course the questions and tests will vary accordingly.

The application process has five stages.

The first is the application form. Standard stuff here: CV, education, work history, and a bit on your skills and ambitions.

Then there’s an online test. This can be the very familiar SHL-style tests that assess your verbal, numerical and logical abilities, but it can also be their own Values Fit Assessment. This is a more qualitative type of assessment that aims to make sure you align well with their values.

So what are their values? Good question.

• Patient focus – doing what’s right for patients and customers with a high standard of ethical medical practice.
• Integrity – acting always within the spirit of the law, being principled, and encouraging employees to speak up if something’s amiss.
• Respect for people – an atmosphere of trust, ensuring there is respect and no bullying and harassment within the workplace.
• Transparency – being honest about what they do and how they do it.

These are the sorts of things they will be looking for in the way you answer throughout the process, so learn them by heart.
If you do well on the tests, you’ll be invited to an interview. This can be in person, over the phone, or online and takes about 45 minutes to an hour. This will be quite standard – going over your CV, your aspirations, why you’re right for the role, etc.
Then comes the assessment centre, which is your real chance to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. You take part in two group exercises which can include case studies, group discussions, and soon. There will also be a one-on-one role play, and a presentation section. Finally, the big final interview.

The programme is mainly concerned with leadership, whichever stream you choose. So be prepared for the interviewer to ask about your experiences and the leadership qualities you exhibit in those examples. Stuff like, how you led a group project, or took over a dire situation, or innovated on the fly, or had to introduce a new way of doing things and how that process went.

A few other examples of questions I’ve seen are things like “do you have experience talking to doctors?”, “what do you think this programme is about?”, and “tell me about an event you organised and the challenges you faced”.

And that’s the process. Post some more question examples in the comments, and any other thoughts you’ve had!


Anyone applied this year for the 2018 programme?