GSK Competency interview


Hi i applied for GSK for my industrial placement as part of my degree, and I got through to the final interviews. I got a date for next week and need to create a 10 minute presentation and have a competency interview. It should last approx 50mins for the interview part

Heres my question - I looked into the list of competencies i am expected to demonstrate at the interview. Heres the link to what they want

so im thinking of examples of each but i cant work out if they will ask me Q’s on the 4 main headings Achieving excellence, Innovative thinking etc such as ‘Give me an example of when you achieved excellence and how you managed it…’ etc
and expect me to give a answer covering the 3 subheadngs

or will the questions be based on the subheadings? such as ‘tell me about a time you drove a change…’ or ‘give examples of when you have been customer focused…’ etc


HI - I to have interview. Can you remember what questions they asked - competency questions


Hi guys,

I am writing to you because i have a competency interview and a presentation with GSK for an industrial placement as a HR Data and analyst this thursday.
Could you please tell me how it went for you and if you remember the questions they asked you during the interview?
Any informations that you would like to share about your experiences would be grea :slight_smile:
Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards!