GSK Assessment Centre (Engineering)


Anybody had an experience of this? What does it involve?

Any advice, particularly for the Chemical Engineering scheme would be very helpful!

I’m really worried about the technical interview, I’m completely useless at those when I’m put on the spot :frowning:


Hey! Are you going to the Assessment Centre on the 21st and 22nd? I am going for that too…


Yeah! I somehow struggled through the technical part of the interview on the phone and got invited. I’m worried about the assessment centre though as I’ve only been to one before and I completely messed up the technical interview part.

Have you been to any assessment centres before?

Also how are you finding preparation for the presentation? I graduated a while ago and I don’t remember anything from chem eng so I think mine will be a bust!


Yeah I am pretty nervous myself! I have been to one before but it was for a leadership program so there wasn’t a technical interview.
The presentation is a bit of a nightmare isn’t it? I have done as much research as I can and I have a rough draft but I honestly don’t know if I am completely wrong lol! Is this assessment centre only going to be for chemical engineers?


I assume it will only be for chemical engineers but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was other disciplines.

Yeah I’m really struggling with the presentation, the brief is pretty vague so it’s hard to tell how much detail you are supposed to go into.


Hi guys, whats the topic of your presentation?


Hey guys! How is the preparation for the presentation going? Do you guys know if the one-on-one interview will include more technical questions or will the presentation be the only technical aspect?


think its gonna be more than just the presentation, its gonna be a tough day

#9 this gives a good general overview of what could be expected. I’ve never done an in-tray exercise before so that might be tough!


Thank you! I think for the in-tray exercise you can’t really prepare too much in advance. Let’s see how it goes!! :slight_smile:


Hey I’m going to an assessment centre on the 21st and 22nd but not for engineering. I haven’t been given a presentation to prepare. Is anyone else in this situation?


What discipline are you going for? I guess they will have different disciplines at the assessment centre, and while the engineers do their presentations, you will be doing something different. The final interview I assume will be with someone from GSK that is in your division.


Yes, I too think you will have some other task to do while the technical disciplines do the presentations.


Do you guys think we’ll be asked tough questions based on the presentation? That’s always my least favourite part of giving a technical presentation :frowning:


I am not sure… The only thing I can say is that you shouldn’t include anything you aren’t comfortable discussing on your slides :slight_smile: Other than that I guess we will all be winging it.


Hey guys,

How did your AC go? I have got an AC on 14th & 15th for graduate chemical engineering. Would you mind telling me what exercises were used in your AC and how it looked like? Many thanks!!!


Hey guys I have an AC coming up in february and was wondering if there was any psychometric testing? or any of those numerical/verbal tests?