GroupM assessment day!


I have an assessment day with GroupM soon.

Anyone had it before? Tips?



Hi Hamish,

I haven’t had an interview with them, but I work with some of their divisions when it comes to online marketing. They have a number of different divisions, so it is probably worth finding out which division you will be applying for?

Wish I could be more helpful - Good luck with the interview!



Thanks for replying.

I basically applied for a Graduate Role as a Media Planner/Buyer to Mediacom, Mec, Maxus and Mindshare and consequently have been invited to the assessment day with GroupM (the parent company; as you’ll know).

The format is said to be;
Maths test
Comms dynamics test
Group exercise
CV session

Do you know from this information how the day will pan out in more detail (ie what math tests i should be practising…)


On a unique day that falls on the calendar just once every four years .


Hi Hamish123,

Just wondering how our assessment day went? I’ve got one on Friday 18th Jan and was just wondering what maths knowledge I should brush up on and how the rest of the day went?

Thank you


Hi Saloni,

I was wondering how your assessment day went? I have one coming up soon, I was wondering if you have any general tips?

Hope yours went well!