Group interview with PricewaterhouseCoopers!


Tommorow I’m going to take a group interview with PricewaterhouseCooppers but I really have no idea what it actually is. I only know they will be looking to how good I’m in group discussion and to my leadership skills. Well, the question is very simple. What should Ido there ? Has anybody experience of it?


I think you mean a group exercise? basically, you’re given some info to look at in a relatively short amount of time, and you have a few objectives to meet. then you all discuss it. Just be very confident, speak clearly, try to smile at whoever’s talking and nod. say yeah thats a good idea, or thats a good idea, although i don’t think we should implement it right now because…and make sure you meet all the objectives in the time provided. at the beginning, jump in and say, hey, lets manage our time first, we’ll spend x minutes on a, and y minutes on b, and z minutes on c. sorry if that makes no sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Read the PwC page on here


Noob, That’s very useful information !!! Thank you very much. Manage our time, es, it is )


SHLobadov, Thanks for you, but I’ve read it. I mean not theoretical way but something more practical advice from experienced people who have had it! Anyway, thanks!