group exercise


What does the group exercise involve exactly, I know we are given a business scenario…but what kind of business scenario exactly… are there any examples on the web


Erm, for what company?

Have you read this?
Group exercise | WikiJob


hi,yeah I have read the link and im taking about deloitte…does anyone have experience for this particular company…I just want to learn more about what this business scenario is exactly and what kind of knowledge they are trying to get from us. Does anyone have an example business scenario


Do you mean like a “Case Study” question… or do you mean when an employee gives a group a business scenario and asks them to work together for a set amount of time to develop an answer, detailing the correct course of action?

For group questions the interviewers want to see evidence that individuals can work quickly and effectively with other people, show evidence of leadership, have good quality ideas and can implement them in groups/group discussions that may only last a short time.

Business scenarios may be something like this - “a client has called to check on the delivery of a key presentation, but your team are likely to run over their aloocated deadline. Your client has said it is important to have their presentation on time - what do you and your team do in this situation”? They get you to think about what you would do in a difficult professional environment - they ask you real life questions and interviewers try to find out if the way you respond to issues, is the way they would expect their employees to respond to issues.

Hope this helps… if not, please keep posting.



i thought the q’s required us to use the services the company uses(from your website link to group exercises) what kind of Q would that be for tax services in my case


Make sure you’ve had a look at this:

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a group exercise at Deloitte- there certainly wasn’t one when I interviewed there…