Group Exercise and Presentation


hi I have an assessment centre with BofA in technology on Monday and I’m really worried about the group exercise and presentation because I haven’t done them before, could anyone give me any advice about them or how to prepare for them I’d really appreciate it, Thanks.


hey have they told you anything bout the presentation? I have no idea what to expect, im guessing its a case study maybe?? im going to this AC to btw


nope I don’t know anything about it


Hey guys,

there is nothing to worry about in the presentation and group work.
I personally find group work lots of fun and the presentation is a great chance to stand out through excellent communication skills.

now, keep in mind that like anything else at an AC, there will be a terrible pressure out there and you need to be efficient nevertheless.
These are all things you have probably read before, so I wont repeat…just make sure you come across as pleasant, non-dominant but assertive if required, and encourage the others to talk as well. Make sure the group task is finalised even if you need to push it a bit in the end. That’s what I did at company X and the HR thought it was a rescuing intervention. Or else the entire group would have failed to get an offer.

Presentation - most probably you will be given a deadly amount of reading to do in a terribly short time! Dont get disheartened, just skim through quickly, use a marker for main ideas if allowed, or else jot down some phrases quickly. Most important is to remember the central idea of the entire stuff and how it connects to the main questions (usually asked at the beginning), and if possible, some statistics, percentages, numbers which you can write down beforehand. Using statistics to illustrate a point comes across as quite professional and it will be to your advantage. And remember to smile, be positive and look the interviewer/HR person straight in the eye. Believe me, IT WORKS like charm!

Good luck!


@ hazelground thanks for taking the time to offer this advice. Im not too worried about the group exercise as ive done one before and actually found it really enjoyable. Im most worried bout the presentation, but think i just need to remain calm, again thanks :slight_smile:


Did any body gave case presentation. If yes…what was it all about.Can u tell me about ur case presentation


I have to go AC on Friday 28th for Graduate IT program. Did any body gave case presentation. If yes…what was it all about.Can u tell me about ur case presentation