Group Exercise and Parntner Interview


Hi, what is the group exercise like?
Also do candidates for Actuarial - Pensions have to do a presentation at the final partner interview or is it just a more in depth competency based interview?


Basically the goal of the group exercise is to make a decision and then come up with an action plan. At the beginning each person is given some information, some of it is unique to each person (i.e. each person is representing a different division). Then you have to discuss which one your group picks and why. You then receive some more information before you need to form an action plan as a group. As long as people are willing to work together then you should be fine, try to contribute but not dominate.

Pensions - Actuarial there is no presentation at the partner interview. Purely competency based (with scenario based questions as well).


Thank you so much, you have been really helpful :slight_smile:


Group exercise lasted about 45 minutes. You are given a timing structure to follow for the exercise. In your group you each represent one division. It is your goal to decide as a group which one to pick for a workshop. You then have to present your action plan for this. Try to be as collaborative as possible. Avoid delegating and breaking off into smaller groups. I was in a group of four candidates so it was easy enough to avoid breaking off into smaller groups.


I got told that I had passed my assessment centre for Actuarial-Pensions on 5th November. Since then I have heard nothing from KPMG. Just wondering, how long has everyone else had to wait?

Also what sort of questions were asked in the partner interview? I’ve seen that competency based questions and situation question were asked, but where there any particularly tricky ones that I need to be prepared for?


Which office have you applied to?




Hi Pamela,

You do not need to do a presentation for the actuarial- pensions programme. it will be a competency based interview.