Greenwich University


I was looking at the Web site of one of my old universities and noted that Greenwich School of Management and noted that they are running an MBA in Marketing Management. This surprised me as it is an overlooked area and I wondered if there were any students of forum contributors who had any knowledge of this tyep of degree and its usefulness in the business world.
The degree which can be taken part time covers:
a) Marketing Planning and Promotion

b)Business Environment and Strategic Management

c) Marketing Research and Sales Management

d) Public Relations

e) Accounting and Finance for Managers

f) Management Information and Communication Systems

g) Human Resource Management

h)Research Skills and Project Management

Now the degree has a central focus but recognises the part that Accounting and Finance has to play as well as Project Management. This type of degree allows for the marketing team to empathise with finance and in my mind seems to offer a lot. Many forum posters have spoken about the need to ensure that there is a blend between finance and other disciplines and this MBA allows for that.

What do people think of this MBA? Are they in accordance with my thinking that will allow for better unification and support of differing functions in the work place?



I am impressed by this degree as like you say it is generally overlooked as a self contained subject. The face of marketing has changed dramatically over the last 15 years so with Internet marketing creating a “push and pull” approach to the subject. There is no doubt that Internet marketing is in the ascendancy but there is still a strong place for traditional marketing approaches. The way in which these are managed so as to achieve a balance between them is vitally important as most major companies see value in both.
To be able to strike a balance it si necessary to understand the strategies of business and well as the economics. Add to this sound management theory and one can see that there is value in this degree. From my research there is strong competition in the world of marketing both conventional and Internet and this will support the need for a degree. The whole balance of this degree is sound and carries a sound base for the future and I for one would be happy to say that this is a good way forward.