Hi Guys,
Has anyone used greenturn for aptitude tests? If yes, how good are they?


In my experience they were very poor - the exercises they provided were sub-standard and they did not deliver much of what they said would be provided in the package. Customer support was totally unresponsive to these issues - I was not able to contact anyone. My advice would be to avoid them and buy much cheaper and higher quality materials from e.g. assessmentday or jobtestprep


Just to clarify, I used their Assessment Centre material


Which department did you apply for? My experience was certainly very different to yours!


greenturn is similar to graduatemonkey. both recommended.


Hi, how do you contact with green turn, as i cannot see any contact information with their website.


Hey, do you recommend them for EY?


Was there much of a difference im content between green turns verbal mock tests and the real thing.


Okay first of all this is obviously a fake comment. Nobody anywhere writes such a long detailed report-like comment on their experience with an online service. You obviously work for the company and there have been quite a lot of bad reviews about you. I did my research as I was looking for prep for my telephone Interview with EY. The entire website is a joke. Filled with marketing speech, claiming they know the secrets to working at the Big Four that you do not know. They claim to have ex-managers and employees working for them that know the process. Lies!! That would be grounds for a lawsuit if an ex-employee did that kind of service. And you have to pay a discounted fee for it. But they let you see the previously pre discount price and they run from £300 upwards!!! They put a Facebook widget but it’s not been programmed in properly so you can’t login using Facebook cos then people would be able to leave comments and the jig would be up pretty quickly.

I decided to type in “Greenturn Scam” and now you see the REAL reviews.
Here it is:
Poor souls. Just use assessment, they are pretty good and it’s very cheap. They have lots of practice aptitude exercises. Which is what you need. For the interview, practice with relevance to the role you are going for.




“When I noticed that greenturn had the most subscribers on Facebook, I was SO curious to know WHY greenturn has these many subscribers on facebook as compared to JTP or assessmentday. So I decided to dig deeper.”

All those subscribers yet no interaction from subscribers? Hmm I wonder why…Save the marketing speech. STOP LYING TO VULNERABLE PEOPLE. you do not provide any of those services at Greenturn. Candidates can get better value for money elsewhere.


Hi, please see some of the comments purportedly from actual Greentuen users that have long rave reviews. They look fake don’t they? Share more of your experiences cos I think this company is doing something very shady in plain sight.


“Jobtestprep and assessmentday are falsely advertising ‘aptitude tests’ as the ONLY recruitment tests of the big four firms when infact greenturn is ABSOLUTELY TELLING THE TRUTH that the above 5 stages are the recruitment stages of the big fours.”

Don’t be daft. Anyone applying to the Big Four knows exactly their recruitment process and you are just telling lies at this point against your competitors. Yes, it is obvious you work for the scam of a company.


Just to add 2 things to support IKE’s point

  1. They state their offices are at 1 Canada Square in Canary Wharf. Sounds great except when I had an issue with my product I went there as I work nearby and they told me at the building reception that there is no such company in that building. A search of the Canary Wharf buildings on the official website also shows greenturn/Aptitude Test Limited as they call themselves in their about section do not have offices in Canary Wharf. This appears to be a lie to give themselves credibility
  2. Given the very poor nature of my product with it not all being delivered and that which was delivered being out of date/poor quality I launched an arbitration through the service provider I paid with who ruled in my favour and refunded my order from the greenturn account.
    They clearly are not a reputable company and perhaps are even fraudulent


I think people will find my comment about your address is very credible. I’m reposting now as it appears you are still misleading people