Great candidate but still struggling to get the job?

Simmons & Simmons

You know you’re a good candidate with good grades, previous work experience, lots of interests and you’re a nice person to boot. So it should be easy to get a vacation scheme or graduate position in a good company, right?

With an increase in applicants for each position and with so many others in the same ‘good candidate’ category as you, how do you make sure you’re the one with the offer? Gradia!

Run by Lisa Eskinazi, a former Graduate Recruiter for Accenture and Simmons & Simmons, Gradia offers classes to teach the techniques needed to help you perform to your full potential at each stage of the recruitment process.

With the time, effort and emotional investment you put into choosing, researching and applying to your preferred companies, you owe it to yourself to give each assessment your very best shot. Visit for more information.