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I have been offered, and accepted a poistion in Audit at Grant Thornton for January. On the contract it states about resiting the numerical tests (if required) before joining. Does anyone know if they do make people resit and if so when, as i am planning on travelling until january.



I think that it may be more of a deterrent to stop people cheating/getting help from a friend, or in the case of a borderline performance at an assessment centre? If you’ve got a numerical background (i.e maths, physics, accounting) i’d say it’s highly unlikely.


I’d say it’s highly unlikely, probably something to cover themselves in case they find out something later on which indicates you may have been cheating.


P.S. What was the [[Grant Thornton]] Interview like… or have you already told us in another thread? …well done, and good choice too. GT will let you leave the office once in a while!


Thanks for the replies, thats what i though, i did engineering so hopefully it wont ruin my travel plans. I have talked about GT interviews in other threads, but the manager interview is purely comptency questions (usual ones), and the patner interview is a mix of competency (similar to manager) and comercial awareness (ask you to discuss a couple of topics and how they effect GT). All very relaxed really.

Redsuperted do you work in Audit? If so whats it like, from your response am I right in thinking you work at a top 4 firm?


Work in audit? No way! …but I know a little bit about it. Chrism is better informed to give you the lo-down as he has first hand experience…


If you have an engineering degree they are very unlikely to make you resit them. I have heard of some people having to resit the tests, but as you have a degree with a core mathematical component they are very unlikely to pick on you. Equally, I’m sure you’ll be just fine taking them.

In so far as ruining you travelling plans- don’t worry about it. They are likely accomodate your other commitments- after all, you won’t be the only person who is travelling before joining.


I work at GT-- if they have offered you a place and you have accepted I wouldn’t expect they would make you resit the test-- they certainly didn’t used to. We had to do an online test and then one at the assessment centre.