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Grant Thornton

I can not seem to find a list or information on any GT’s UK clients…? Anyone have any information on this?



It is very difficult to find out about which clients a firm audits by doing google searches etc. I would say your best bet is to ring them up and find out.

I had an interview with KPMG Leicester, so I rang them up and told them that I had an interview coming up, and asked them if they could give me about what sort of clients they worked with. They gave me a few examples of companies they worked with such as Jessops, Liecester Tigers Rugby Club and Alliance & Leicester, and also said that in general most of their clients are above average sized firms with revenues of over £10m and over 200 employees and the audits of them take several months. So, I would say you should ring up the office in Grant Thornton that you are applying for and they will likely to very happy to help you.


Ok thanks for your help