Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton

Well I put in an application to Grant Thornton AGES ago and was wondering when I would hear back from the online tests. So today I thought I would see if I can find an e-mail to ask somebody only to log on and find that my application says it has been withdrawn!
I have had no contact with anyone at GT to tell me I failed the tests or anything and still can’t find an e-mail to ask them what’s going on! Does anyone know who to contact regarding things like this?!



I think it’s the fact that the positions were already filled, I’m not certain. Something similar happened to me for one of the audit positions, I was called up by the HR team from the office to tell me that the positions were filled and would like me to apply to another office, though I had yet to submit my application formally. I guess the only thing is to call the office that you applied to and ask them what happened if you can…


So just call the office directly and ask to speak to the HR team? It just doesn’t seem right that they haven’t even contacted me to tell me!


That’s probably the best choice if you’ve already tried to e-mail them and not got anything back for a while. I don’t know how to phone their office/HR, I don’t remember it being listed…sorry I’m not much help. And no you’re right it seems unfair to keep you holding then not proceeding with the application.

Best of luck!


Yeah just phone the office you applied to and ask to speak to whoever is responsible for graduate recruitment…


My experience of GT was not great - I applied in Feb for an internship and my application was pending until August - even thought I passed the tests and everything. In the end i just gave up!