Grant Thornton video interview

Grant Thornton


Hey, does anyone know the questions they ask in the video interview and what the case study is about?


Can’t remember the video interview questions, except the one that asks what role you have applied, where and why.

The case study had a page of information with charts ect. You have to type out a summary of them and make your own recommendations based on the information.


Thanks! is the case study timed?


Yes, you have 20 minutes in total.


Hey could you help me in details ?
For the case study did you have to write small essay, or just write up the answer straight forward and also the interview questions were they all competency based ?


Questions are strength based. For the case study, I had to summarise some info and then write my suggestions. It’s like a mini essay I guess.
Use the help they offer with the Jam thing. It’s really useful.


Thanks alot Ben


It’s okay! good luck! make sure you write out your strengths and get to grips with their values and their vision 2020. Make sure you know your role inside out and know about the training opportunities they offer and how u feel about the training opportunities. :slight_smile:
I remember one question about “your biggest learning experience so far?” :slight_smile:


Thats very important information you sharrd. Appreciate it. ?


Is there enough time to analyse a case-study? I’m scared I won’t have enough time :-(.