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Hi guys

I’m applying for GT 2015 Graduate entry. I’ve heard there is a video interview instead of the usual phone interview. Anyone had any of these? How did it go? What were the questions??

Many thanks! :slight_smile:


hi, same situation, I tend to prepare some examples, and do research into GT. I am concern about the critical thinking part - do not know what sort of examples to prepare.
And I would like to know how long is the time allowed to answer each question? And what about the time to prepare each question before actual recording?


I think we just need to give an example where we applied critical thinking, at least I hope so! Eg critically assessing sources/ essays. I think its 3 mins for each answer, not sure how much time is given to prepare.

When are you intending to sit your interview (pm me)? If it’s after mine I could share my experience, but I’m waiting for recruitment to get back to me regarding the video interview process. I think we are supposed to do it within 3 days of getting the video interview email.


Hi, have you had your video interview yet? Could you please share your experience and advise on how best to prepare? Is it different from the telephone interview format from last year? Thanks!


I have one to complete in the next 5 days, any chance you could give me an idea what its like if yours is first and vice versa


I haven’t had mine yet unfortunately! When are you guys looking to sit it?


What I’ve heard is there are 5 questions where you need to provide examples for each competency like ownership, motivation etc.


Just had the digital interview.
There are 5 key questions in total and they typically ask how you use your initiatives, ownership, how you react with changes, your understanding of the role, why GY…Questions are like: tell me about a time when you XX/
All those questions can be easily found on the Wiki Job-GT page…

Good luck everyone!


Hi, I have applied for the graduate position in audit and I have two days left to complete my video interview. I’m just wondering if anyone can help with what sort of questions are asked and I have read that there is an essay question thrown in is this true?


Anyone still waiting to hear back after their digital interview? Did mine 3 days ago. Anyone unsuccessful?



Hope you are well! Have you had your Grant Thornton interview? If so, I hope it went well. Please could you tell me what questions you were asked, I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you



How long did it take for you to hear back?


I applied on 13th October. I was told my application was on “hold”. On 22nd Oct i was invited to do the tests. I then did them on 4th Nov. And got told on Thursday 6th Nov that I’m through to first interview. I will be doing my interview tomorrow so I will post my questions here as soon as I do.


Just had my digital interview
There were 6 questions, the 7th one was just a non-assessed question on feedback for the new process
My questions were as follows:
Tell me about yourself, you may use your GT application to answer this
A situation where you have taken ownership, what difference did you make and what did you learn
A situation where you have shown agility, when you were required to adapt to unexpected change, how did you do it and what was the result
Imagine you’re writing a blog on Spilling the Beans about your first year at Grant Thornton, what do your tasks involve as a trainee and what will you achieve
Why Grant Thornton and how do our values support your career ambitions


Oh and the other one was
How have you used your initiative to go above and beyond what was expected of you, why did it make you proud


Has anyone had the telephone interview after?


Has anyone had the telephone interview after?


I’ve been invited to a telephone interview following my video one, stressing out about what areas they want me to clarify!


Hey. I have too! I think they probably do it to everyone. I felt the digital interview was time constrained so they might just ask stuff like what we learnt, what the challenges were and what we’d do differently or somethin. I’ve just booked mine and the slot is only 15 minutes so it can’t be much right


Yeah that’s true! I hope I get through this interview haha, what are you applying for?