Grant Thornton Telephone Interview

Grant Thornton

My GT telephone interview is coming soon. I understand that there are few topics and articles around dealing with their telephone interview. however I would appreciate if anyone who had an interview with them could give me some specific idea on interview questions, tips, do and don’t kind of things.



its easy, just give long answers to questions, only stop when they want to move on. apart from that be yourself. always ask questions if given the chance.


The wiki page here says all candidates have to go through a telephone interview, but I’m having a face-to-face interview right off the bat (after the online tests). Anybody else the same? I’ll update the page if so.


For certain branches, you would have to have a face to face interview instead of the telephone interview.


I had a face-to-face rather than a telephone interview with GT but sounds like the content’s pretty much the same. I was pretty thankful actually, I’m dreadful on the phone!