Grant Thornton Telephone Interview. Any up to date advice?

Grant Thornton


Anyone got any advice for a GT phone interview? The position is for Audit.

I have looked around here and cant really find anything thats up to date?



Hi Bill_GenericNumber, well done on getting through to the interview!

I was just wondering how you found the Grant Thornton Psychometric tests?? Were they generally harder than the ones found on WikiJob? I was also wondering if you had an idea what the pass mark/ percentile was? My tests are due in on tuesday!!

I believe the telephone interview are just general competency based questions such as when you showed leadership, worked in a team and managed your time etc… Dont think its too hard to get through to the final assesment.

Where have you applied? Ive applied to Audit in the London office

Thanks for all your help and good luck with your application



I have a telephone interview on the 15th October.

I would appreciate any advice or feedback on the interview if anyone has had it.


I have a telephone interview next week! Has anyone had theirs yet??



Can anyone please give feedback on what is asked in the recent telephone interviews, and general advice? Thanks.


I had a telephone interview recently, I don’t think it went very well though. I do not like telephone interviews at all! they ask you a lot about why GT and why have you chosen that career, and then a lot of compentncy questions about organisation. I felt like a lot of the questions were just basically the same question again which put me off a lot :S