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Hi everyone… I’ve just been offered a graduate job with GT in tax and would like to share my experience as this website was so helpful for me!

Right so obviously as with all these jobs there’s the online application and the online tests … I did both of these far too long ago to be able to give any advice on them!

Then I was invited for a first round interview.

At my interview there were two people; an hr manager and a manager from tax. The tax guy didn’t really ask much he was just there for me to ask questions about tax. They were both really lovely and friendly and managed to calm me down! The interview was relatively informal but there were some set questions which they had to ask. These were mostly competency questions. I had to give specific examples (I think it’s best to think of a couple before you go!) of times when you’ve gone the extra mile, led a team, worked in a difficult team and those kinds of things. Some of the questions were quite specific and they wanted detailed examples. Try not to flap if you can’t think of an answer immediatly. For a couple of them I said “can you give me a minute to think about that” and they didn’t seem to mind! They also asked how I kept to deadline, what was my greatest achievement etc… all the usuals really. Next they wanted me to talk about the job, so why I thought I was suitable and what I thought was involved. They wanted me to show that I knew a fair amount about the exams I would be taking and that I didn’t mind all the extra studying! After we talked about tax and exams for a while they asked me specifically about GT. Here I mentioned their training in buckinghamshire (shows you’ve done your research!) and all the schemes they have set up to help with exams (buddy schemes, link exams etc…) Then the final question (which I think is the one they care about most!) was why GT rather than any of the big 4. I think they probably know that most people applying to GT will be applying to the big 4 but they want you to say why your experience would be different with them. I would really recommend thinking about this question because they really grilled me about it!

Right so I had my interview and didn’t hear back from them for about 2 weeks (so obviously I thought I hadn’t got it!) but when they did call back they said they’d like me to go to an assessment day.

My assessment day lasted for about 4 hours.
First I was interviewed by a manager. He generally asked the same questions I had been asked in my first round interview but then asked about my commercial awareness. He wanted to know current issues I had read about and how these issues would affect GT. He asked for two examples but I gave quite long answers so I would be prepared for him to ask you more!

After that interview I had lunch with a graduate. It was pretty informal (although I do think I was still be assessed) It was just a chance for me to ask how they had found GT and what they did etc…

After lunch I was given a case study to read. I was given 40 minutes to read the case study and look at the charts and graphs. After 40 minutes I was interviewed by a partner. He asked me to summarise the case study (there’s nothing complicated in it) and then to give some advice on how I thought the company could grow/expand. Honestly there really isn’t anything complicated in the case study. I think they are just looking for general business awareness. I was told I was meant to talk for 10 minutes about this but I reckon I only managed about 5 so don’t worry if it is all over really quickly! He then asked me a few questions about what I’d said. After we’d talked about the case study he asked me a few questions about commercial issues which I thought would affect GT. He really grilled me about these and was asking for a lot of information (which I didn’t have!) I wouldn’t worry if you don’t know the answers to these questions (I didn’t) I really think he was just trying to see if I crumbled under the pressure! We then had a chat about the firm and tax in general; why I thought I would be suited etc… He then asked me which other applications I had in the pipeline. As long as they are for a similar job I would just be honest about these.

The partner then left and came back with another senior member of the tax team (good sign!!) and we had a chat about university, my dissertation, my work experience etc… I think this bit was just to see if the other person liked me!

Anyway and then it was over! I was quite confident it had gone well. I got a call 2 days later to say they were making an offer.

So… that’s my experience… If anyone has any questions I am more than happy to help. This website has been a god send and I’d like to give something back.

Last tips… Read the FT or listen to podcasts or something so you know what’s going on and be yourself. They really just want to see if they like you!


congratulations juronimo i was lucky enough to get an offer from them yesterday for audit, i’m presuming your accepting? what office will u be based and did they give you an idea about starting salary?


Congrats to both of you! I’m about to have a manager interview soon in auditing. I just wondered if you can me some examples of commercial awareness questions asked? Many thanks!


Congrats! I’m about to have a manager interview soon in auditing. I just wondered if you can me some examples of commercial awareness questions asked? Many thanks!


for my commercial awareness my questions were, ‘how do you keep up with business news’ answer FT AA paper internet etc, then following this ‘can you tell me about a piece lately thats interested you’ i gave a few examples and was then asked ’ how do you think this will effect GT’. sure those are pretty standard throughout most offices. good luck!


Thank you for your help! Can I also ask you what your casestudy was like i.e cast study on the public sector? And examples of questions that were asked? Many thanks again!