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Hi All,

Has anyone had a partner and manager interview with Grant Thornton’s Corporate Advisory Services team in their Tax division? I have mine coming up soon and would love to get any info about the process. I’ve had a look at the GT audit threads on the assessment centre and they are really useful - just wanted to know if the process for the tax stream has different questions?



I think you’ll find it’s mostly in the same vain as the audit interview.

The partner interviews are designed to see if you are a good ‘fit’ with Grant Thornton’s culture.

Also make sure you’ve had a look at:

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Here are some notes from my experience of the tax manager and partner interview. I had my manager and partner interview on the same day. The manager interview consisted of a mix of competency based questions and questions on my commercial/business knowledge. The competency questions were:
Give me an example of when you have worked in a team.
Give me an example of a task where you have had to do some detailed research.
Give me an example of where you have solved a problem or dealt with a problematic situation.
General Questions - Why Grant Thornton and Why this line of service?
Finally, I was asked to give a brief explanation on the background to the credit crunch.

The partner interview was quite short. It was extremely informal and more like a conversation than an interview.

I hope this post is helpful. I would be happy to answer any questions from people going through the interview process. This site has been a great source of information for me during my job search and I would love to be able to give something back.


That’s awesome! Thank you for that! I pasted your contibution into the wiki, would you mind taking a quick look at it?



I’ve had a look at the Grant Thornton page. Thanks for adding my points. I have one suggestion to add to the page. The application is a 4 step process. Firstly submitting the application form. Secondly the telephone interview. Thirdly the assessment centre day where you have an interview with someone from HR and a group exercise. Fourth stage is a manager interview and a partner interview. Some people I think have had their manager interviews on their assessment centre day, but I am not sure on this. It would be good to emphasise the point that the final stage is a manager and partner interview, lasting approximately one hour each. The manager interview I think carried the same weight as the partner interview. For the tax stream I applied to the manager had a quick discussion of my interview performance with the partner before he came into the room for his interview with me. I knew this because the partner brought up some points I had discussed earlier with the manager.