Grant Thornton Pre-employment Loan

Grant Thornton

Hi all,

I understand that the big 4 all offer some kind of pre-employment loan, for example kpmg offer 2k a month before you start. I was wondering if anyone knew whether Grant Thornton offer a similar loan?

Many thanks!


This was one of the FAQ on GT graduate site.
I have just pasted the answer directly from their site.
Hope it helps.

I’m in debt big time and have no money for a deposit on a flat or to buy business clothes. Can you help?
Don’t panic, we can help. It’s important to us that you are settled and happy. You can have a loan of £1000 on your first day if you need it.


I realise that they give a loan on the first day but was wondering if anyone had experience of them giving a loan say a month or two in advance for travelling or similar?