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Grant Thornton

I thought I should take the time to finally post something on here because this website was so helpful for me. In fairness, I found most of the information or tips for the application process from the online application right to the partner & manager interview but I will add my bit anyway.

I applied to be an trainee in Public Sector Audit, early in the summer of 2009. Having got through the online written application (i think the only thing to be concerned of here is basic stuff like grammar, punctuation, spelling etc and just be concise). I personally found the online tests really hard and had a million and one books to prepare for them (all from Waterstones / WHSmith and I think there are links online to the SHL websites). But either way, I got through.

The Telephone interview & Assessment day mainly consisted of competancy based questions. I suggest reading up on all of them on wikijobs (not just the ones GT specify) and just making sure you have two examples for each. GT have however, got their own list of competancies now which I assume they will be testing on in the future. They are quite similar to the ones on this website already but worth knowing so you can alter your examples etc. These are:

  • Motivation
  • Organisation
  • Relisilience
  • Teamwork
  • Credibility & Communication
    The assessment day was really fun actually because my interviewer was so nice. I was only in the group exercise with one other person (who happened to be really quiet so I was able to exel there) and we had the discussion about the different professions and we had to rank them. Here I assume they are testing communication, debating & persuasion skills as well as the logic behind your thoughts. There was no right or wrong answer. My interivewer told me at the end of the day that she would be in touch the following day. I didn’t hear from her until 6.30pm! By this point i was distraught having waited a whole working day but I was thrilled to recieve the voicemail.

Final Round- this consisted of meeting a Manager and a Partner. My initial interview was actually cancelled which made me worry but don’t if it happens to you. It’s just really busy all the time.
Manager Interview: this was more about the role and the different types of work you get involved in. My interviewer specialised in the NHS so that was really interesting as it was in the news plenty. Be updated on politics and economics, it’s extremely handy. ave some opinions about issues as well, particularly those that involve the public sector. He also asked me a bit about myself and later told me about the qualifications I would be studying for. I actually didn’t know what I wanted to study so listening to his advice was helpful ultimately.
Partner- this can go in any direction really but obviously, they are high specialised in their areas so they literally know everything. it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have opinions though. I suggest reading up or having an idea about how the services or work that GT public sector audit do can direct affect you. Again, be prepared with sufficient information about current affairs.

My interviews finished at 4.30pm and I thought I had blown my partner interivew but I got a call around 5pm when I was still on the train and they offered me the job.

I dont even know how people might be able to reply to this but if there are any questions, get in touch.

I hope this was helpful.


Also, apologies for the spelling and punctuation errors. it’s something you should NOT do in your application form!


congratulations rycec i got an offer from them yesterday for audit, what office will u be based and did they give you an idea about starting salary?


i will be working in the london office, in euston. there’s another one up in finsbury park i think.

No they haven’t actually specified a salary, i think all staff faced a pay freeze 2008-09 so i assume it will be increasing from the ~£25k that the 08 graduates received when they started in september 08.


Congrats! I’m about to have a manager interview soon in auditing. I just wondered if you can me some examples of commercial awareness questions asked? Many thanks!


What are the current issues affecting the accounting firms? Can VAT have an effect on them ?
Any ideas?



Surely in these times of recession one of the big issues is providing clients with value for money on any work carried out.
Think of what areas of work are particularly affected, eg CF.
Think also of the scope for tax planning with the imminent 50% IT rate about to be introduced. In fact most accy firms have already sent out tax planning brochures to clients.


Thank you so much for your valuable comment tutor. I would just like to ask:
Is the Increase in the Income Tax going to affect the companies like GT or will it just affect the employees who are paid more that GBP 150,000? Any help would be appreciated.


Is the recession over or is it still affecting GT? Do they also ask about the different services provided by GT in the assessment centre?