Grant Thornton Partner Interview

Grant Thornton

So I know there are a few threads/pages that refer to the partner interviews, but I figure I’d ask anyway in the hope to gain a bit more insight! I’ve got my Parter interview with GT soon and am wondering what the best way to prepare is - I’m really worried that it’ll be very based in commercial awareness which is my major weakness! I’ve made it clear in both my other interviews that while I’m not very strong on commercial awareness I’m making the effort to improve and clearly that didn’t come across too badly as I got through the interviews… Any help anyone can give me on what I might be asked/possible commercial issues I ought to research would be REALLY REALLY HELPFUL!


Which service line are you going into?

Check out Great website for inside info. BBC Business (then click on ‘companies’) is also very good.

I recently had a GT partner interview (don’t know if I got it yet), and you’ll be fine. They do expect you to know some stuff, but not in massive detail so don’t worry about that. They’ll push you and put the pressure on, but if you prepare 2 stories and really understand what’s going on, you’ll come out fine.

You call the shots because they will probably ask you what you’ve been following.


thanks adamj, that’s helpful! I’m going for Audit. Let me know when you hear back, good luck!


I don’t suppose any of you have any tips on the Assessment Day? Got one coming up soon… !


I have a partner interview in a few days, i’m really worried because I really want to work for them!