Grant Thornton online test

Grant Thornton

Could anyone offer me a bit advice on GT’s online test?
I will really appreciate it~~Thanks!!


It’s not really different to any of the others I believe


Does anyone know how many questions you have to get correct to pass the online test???



The results come as percentiles not marks

i.e. if you are in the 70th percentile you did better than 70% of the other people who took the test



Does anyone know if they are psl or shl…or are we just supposed to practise all types of tests? thanks


they are psl!!


they are psl and they are difficult :frowning:


TBH I think the GT tests are one of the easier ones

KPMG and Baker Tilly are hard


i think its more to do with the batch of questions that come up. I wouldn’t say KPMG and Baker Tilly are hard, but the pass mark may be higher than other companies and so they seem harder.

is psl the same as kenexa? i find them slightly better, as you can move backwards and forwards between questions.


KPMG pass mark is the lowest…


their questions are not actually too hard, but with the given time limit, I did panic a lot, I tried to finish all questions but it seemed impossible


Some questions were okay but some required more thinking - which was tough given the time constraint


how long do we have to wait till they let us know of the online tests results?


I got an email the same day. good luck :slight_smile:


I got an email the same day. good luck :slight_smile:


They haven’t got back to me yet. Does that mean I fail?? The recruitment team for GT is very slow!! I have got others back already. ;(


No!!! I appiled to a small office early in the grad cycle so the recriutment officer for the area prob had no back log :slight_smile:


Which office did you apply to superstitiouzz? heard yet. Hear it depends how many people they have ahead of you at interview. And timing doesnt always mean no maybe. Have you contacted them? The tel numbers are listed on their brochure and webpage. Good luck


I’ve submitted my application to GT and been told I’ve passed initial screening and been placed into a pool for online testing. This was about 2 weeks ago. Is this normal protocol? Should I get in touch with them?


Hey Tell 89 log onto your GT application page as soon as possible. You will find links for the tests. They normally give you 10 days to complete. I hope you will still get the chance.