Grant Thornton online numerical aptitude and verbal reasoning tests. Any advice?

Grant Thornton

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to ask how tough are the GT online numerical aptitude and verbal reasoning tests?

Are they like the practice SHL test or tougher?

I have done some tests in the past for a number of investment banks and found them to be much tougher then any practice test…

What would you guys say is a good way to prepare for the tests?





I think the only advice I can give is probably what most people would say: practice, practice, practice! The actual numerical and verbal reasoning tests will always be harder than the practice ones. When I have done online tests I try just to do as many as I can correctly rather than rush through them all.


Thanks for the reply!

Any good places I can get some practice from?

So far I have tests from: wikijobs, efinancialcareers, shl and psl. But again these do seem to be deceptively easy, an im sure the real thing will be much more challenging :confused:


Hey Bill,

Just wondering how long it took you to get a reply after submitted your form. I submitted mine on monday night. Hopefully I will be in your situation soon :slight_smile:


In regards to the actual GT tests they are slightly harder but nothing major. Your best bet is to practise on SHL & PSL to sharpen your skills. I would say that if you have a decent grasp of basic maths you should have no worries. The best advice would be to do them as soon as you get the email as GT are notorious for simply putting your application on hold even if you pass the tests.


Hi Bill_GenericNumber I was just wondering how you found the Grant Thornton Psychometric tests?? Were they generally harder than the ones found on WikiJob? I was also wondering if you had an idea what the pass mark/ percentile was? My tests due in on tuesday!!

Thanks for all your help and good luck with your application


Hi dev_123, I did the GT tests last week. I found the verbal quite simple. I’m usually better at the numeracy tests but I found that I only answered 14/20 questions properly, then made approximations to get another 2 answers. I got a telephone interview, so if you get about 13/20 on numeracy, I would guess that you’re ok. Good luck!

Bill_GenericNumber, it took them about a week to get back to me on my application form. Then after I did the tests, it took them 3 days to tell me that I had passed them so don’t worry if you have to wait for your reply.


Dear Milos, thank you very much for your help. Good luck with the rest of the application process!


I’ve submitted my application to GT and been told I’ve passed initial screening and been placed into a pool for online testing. This was about 2 weeks ago. Is this normal protocol? Should I get in touch with them?


I was told that the lady who deals with initial screening was unavaliable for a few weeks therefore its taking them a long time to get back to people as there is a very long waiting list. so don’t worry, they will get back to you. :slight_smile: good luck!


The same thing happened with me. I was put into a pool for the online tests but I got no word from them for two weeks.

I sent them an email asking them when I will be taking the online tests.

The next day I get an automated email inviting me to do the online tests.

So yes. Send them an email if its been a while since you passed the initial screening.

Hope this helps!


Hi everyone,
I did the online tests last Tuesday and I answered all the verbal Q’s but only 13 numeric questions, so I honestly thought that was the end of it!! But I got an email two days later inviting me to a telephone interview!! :slight_smile:
So I’d say answer the ones you can, and you can always go back if you have enough time. Maybe its best to do fewer correctly that more questions with just guess answers?
Good luck guys!! X


Do all these companies have similar type of numerical / verbal tests (compiled by SHL etc.) or are they very different? Anyone have any insights? I’ve been practising with 3 different sets of materials (assessmentday, numericalguru and the kent website+SHL tests), is that enough??