Grant Thornton Online Application

Grant Thornton

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone is able to offer any advice on completing this form. My main question is in regard to the length of answer required. I know it is impossible to say how long a good answer should be, however 4000 characters per question is actually quite a lot. Should I still be looking to write as much as the limit allows?
Also the first question asks; “Please state which is more important in your application, the business area that you wish to apply to or the location preference.” I imagine they want to hear about your passion for the business area in this section. Does anybody have any other ideas as to good points to make in this section?

Cheers in advance for any help


I think this is a practical question about where to place you rather than a question to test you. I would suggest you answer fairly honestly, so long as the rest of your application is consistent. For example, if you wanted to work in London, you should probably say so, or you might end up in Milton Keynes. Also, if you wanted to work in [[audit]], say that too.


I completed this application a few weeks back now, I have since passed the online tests and have been invited to an interview.

In terms of how long your answers should be, mine weren’t near the 4000 limit. I approximately wrote about two short paragraphs per question. I tried to be direct and specific about my point rather than beating about the bush.

As for the question about location over business stream I answered location was more important to me. I was honest as this was more important for me and I’m sure they’ll understand and not hold this against you. Not everyone wants to relocate.

Good luck in your application!


I have a short question for people who completed GT application. Did you put just the name and the class of the degree in the qualification section, or did you break it down and put in detail all examinations and the results obtained? I tried emailing them like a week ago, but nobody replied and when I called them today, i had to leave a voice message because the hr person was busy conducting inerviews. I still haven’t heard from her yet.