Grant thornton - online application question

Grant Thornton

hi guys

just filling in application form for GT. out of interest what have any of you said as to why you think you’re suitable for a career with them?




It’s listing the same stuff that all employers generally look for, namely:

  • Analytical Ability
  • Teamwork
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Creativity and Innovative Thinking

Crucially, however, you need to demonstrate an understanding of what Grant Thornton do, what makes them different, what they can offer you, what you can offer them etc. For these, most of the information can be found on their website and attending GT events. Important stuff to touch upon are training opportunities, work culture and excellent career prospects, though you may think of others. Just looking back on my internship form, i actually focused more demonstrating my understanding of GT but make sure you don’t neglect top four points.

Hope that helped.