Grant Thornton Offers 2011

Grant Thornton

Hey, wondering if anyone has got a job offer from Grant Thornton. Starting august/september in Bristol (aka Brizzle)!!

Good times.


Yup, back in November got an offer for Edinburgh :slight_smile:


audit in cambridge :slight_smile:


yay! see you all at Talent 11!! or at the Manor House! :slight_smile:


does any1 knw how long it takes to be sent a contract - i.e. from when you receive an offer.

Also what do they ask your referees? and what documentations do they require?

Thanks in advance!


I received mine 2 days after I have accepted the offer on the phone. I assumed they sent it out as soon as you have accepted the offer, they sent the documents 1st class.

I am afraid I do not know what they ask the referees as they contact them directly, i think it will just be a standard reference. As far as I know, they do not require any document at this stage until just before you start, you will need passport, A level and GCSE certificates and the certificate of your degree to show them you have met all their minimum requirements and that you can work in the UK.

hope that helps


thanks cricket_girl, that helps a lot.

Just a few more questions - how long do they give you to decide?

Also, how many referees do they ask - is it one academic and one employment reference or two employment?

Thanks again!


it said on the offering letter that ideally within 2 weeks you should send them the documents back with the signed contract, after that if they don’t hear from you they will consider you writhdrawing your application. But I think this can be negotiated, if you give them a call and tell them the reason why you would like to delay your decision they might give you longer time, I assume you have other applications in hand? they should understand this as people apply more than just one firm and get offers from more than just one firm so just talk to them.

They asked for 2 references, you will fill the referee information in when you receive the offering letter and you will need to send them back. It does not matter who, ideally one recent emoloyer and one from academic. you will have to check when you get the offering letter. It has been a while since I filled in that form so I don’t remember.

hope that helps


Wow! that’s all so quick. I received an offer on Friday but I have two other assessment centres to attend next month that’s why. Thanks for your advice, I’ll give them a call an ask for an extension.


no worries. But I do strongly recommend you to accept the offer if you feel like it is the right job for you or to reject it if you feel like you prefer to work for other companies. They have a lot of applicants waiting so if they are to extend the deadline for you, it probably will not be much later than the original deadline. There are hundreds of potential applicants waiting for this opportunity that you have just got given. So do think about it :slight_smile: good luck with your assessment centres coming up.

Alternatively, you can go on the “spilling the beans” trainee blog or “Grant Thornton Graduate Recruitment” facebook page to leave a comment there, there are always people there to answer your query and give advise :slight_smile:


Hi… I am half way through the application process- great to see some people with offers. Hopefully will be seeing you all at Bradenham soon. They have just launched a feedback thing on their Facebook page too. Think I will do some feedback on there too after the recruitment process is finished. Great way of telling other students about my experiences.

Will let you know how I go in my application! R


I have to take an online test for GT. Anyone with advice as to which website l should practice the numerical and reasoning tests?

Thanks a lot.


here is the website I used to practice, but bare in mind that the GT online test is not a SHL one, i personally found it harder than all other companies that use SHL test.

But do use it as practice and you should be fine. keep calm and try your best! good luck :slight_smile:


Many thanks. I will try to practice on this link.


Hey :slight_smile:

I got an offer two days ago for the London Euston office (Audit)! Yay! Just waiting for the contract in the post now.
Guess i’ll meet some of you in the near future :slight_smile:


Hey Guys :slight_smile:

Just wondering whether any of you have had your official start date for August yet?


Hey, I received a job offer for School Leaver Audit :slight_smile: starting August, really can’t wait!


Can anyone please tell me how long you have to wait from the time of the first round phone interview to when you get a reply? I have had my phoen interview over a week and a day ago and still no reply back.


Hi Yoruboy, it might be worth phoning or e-mailing them to check the status. I found out I passed my phone interview about 2 and half weeks later so I wouldn’t assume anything.


Thanks for your response. I finally found out I had passed the phone interview. Apparently the recruiter went on holiday. :slight_smile: