Grant Thornton Numerical/Verbal Test

Grant Thornton


I have these coming up.

I’ve taken the S&W ones which used SHL and did well after some practice.

I was wondering who Grant Thornton use and how difficult the tests are?

They recommend looking at :

but to be quite honest the tests there are rather straight forward and not I’d imagine like the real ones.

Any experience from people who have taken them?


Hi there,

I took the Grant Thornton tests a few weeks ago. I found the numerical one quite challenging and the verbal one straightforward.

In the past I have been terrible at online tests, I have a recent management degree and a years consultancy experience from an SME under my belt and I was pleased to see I passed!

My Uni careers centres were really helpful and sent me a number of links to practice tests.

JPMorgan have some online that were good!

Hope this helps.


Probably a bit late for you now, but for anyone reading this in the future there are 3 practice tests at efinancial careers which are decent to practice on.


Also probably a bit late but I just did mine and it seemed to follow exactly the same format as the efinancial careers practice tests - even with the exchange rate questions near the end. Difficulty wise the same. I’m not sure what score you need to get to pass but there were 4 I didn’t even answer and I passed.