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Hello everyone,

I’m about to have interviews with GT for an audit senior role, with HR first and then the Audit manager. There are quite a few compentency attributes.However, I’m not sure how to prepare for them as my situation is a bit different. I work in the big 4 at the moment and failed one ACA exam, thus contract has been terminated. Could anyone give me some help as to how to prepare the interviews please? what questions am I expecting? what’s the difference between these two interviews? I really cherrish this chance, any help will be much appreciated!!


Firstly, take a look at:

Secondly, this is a fairly standard path for those who fail exams and want to complete [[ACA]] - I know quite a few people have done it. Are Grant Thornton aware of the situation? You will need to explain to them why you failed, and why you will pass in the future.

I think you will find the general interview process to be very similar to what you had at the Big 4- many of the questions will be similar and as somebody who is experienced, you stand quite a good chance of getting the position, having the ability to talk about audit with confidence.

The HR meeting will be for the [[competency based interview]]. The audit senior interview will be similar to [[partner interviews]], although you will be expected to talk about your experience in audit thus far.

Is that any help?


Thank you very much for your suggestion. They are awar of my situation. As I’m applying a more senior role, (I’ve got two years of audit experience) I’m not sure whether they will ask the same questions as they would for graduate recruitment, such as 'tell me a situation whether you’ve worked within a team? ’ Some one also says that Manager interview will also be compecency based? any advise would be deeply appreciated!


I think there will probably be a mix. Competency based questions are a standard for any grad scheme. I think they will also want to talk more about your experience in the Big 4, your failed exam, and your future. I think if you can convince them you’re committed you won’t have anyproblems.

When’s the interview?


Hi Chrism2671,

Thank you very much indeed for your advice. The interview is tomorrow. Interms of answering What do you know about GT? why you chose GT? Anyone can think of something to add on to this? what are their special features? what made them different from other mid tier firms? --Many thanks in advance for anyone who helps!!


Mention their charity and community work (be specific). Mention any particular programmes have for staff, especially secondments, charitable activities and training. Mention the culture of the firm, their focus on excellence and delivering value for clients. The thing is, none of these things are particularly unique to Grant Thornton, but they do illustrate that you have shown a real interest in working there, which is really what you are trying to achieve.

Let us know how it goes! Good luck!


Also, they are smaller than the other 4, so there is a chance to learn a lot. In a big organizations you will have your own project and stick to it while in small ones, with few people available you will have chance to work on different projects and deliver good results. mention it to them. small teams, more responsibility and leadership. good luck


Yeah that’s very true. At a large firm such as a [[Big 4]], you will become extremely specialised and may only have one or two clients. This can be quite a limiting experience- certainly at a smaller firm you will have the opportunity to get broader experience.